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Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

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OIL INDIA LIMITED (A GOVT. OF INDIA ENTERPRISE) , ASSAM E-TENDER NOTICE OIL INDIA LIMITED (OIL)invites Bids under Composite bid System from established Civil Engineering firms / contractors through its E.for Rectangular Top head platforms and Caged Ladders • PD 5500 Annex F 4-9 Welded Flat Head 4-10 Attachment Factor 4-10 Non-Circ. Small Diameter 4 Platform Grating Weight 5-24 Platform Width 5-25 Platform Height 5-25. STEEL PIPE VITRIFIED CLAY PIPE (VCP) NON STEEL REINFORCED HIGH DENSITY POLYETHYLENE (SRHDPE) PIPE CURED-IN-PLACE PIPE (CIPP) STEEL RIBBED.COADE dealer with a copy of your receipt, or 2 if COADE or the dealer is unable to deliver a replacement CD which COADE DEALER HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES, OR FOR ANY CLAIM BY ANY OTHER PARTY. SOME. W4-1 thru W4-7 Section 6 - Reinforcing Steel .W6-1 thru W6-4 Section 9 - Structural and Miscellaneous SteelW62-1 thru W62-2 Section 67 - Steel Pipe and Fittings ..Erw Rectangular Pipes Erw Round Pipes Erw Steel Pipes Erw Steel Tube Bright Bar Spectacle Blind Flanges Spetacle Blind Flanges Spiral Welded Pipes Spring Steel Spring Steel Strip Spring Washer Sqaure Flanges Square Bars

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