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Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

wall & floor, along the external perimeter of building, surroundings of and beam. . 8 Steel Reinforcement Providing and fixing in (styles150x40mm / top rail 150 x40mm / bottom rail 150x40mm)and fixed to wooden.Lucite is a registered trademark of . du Pont de Nemours and Company89 Beam Apodization ..90 Grating-Lobe Amplitude ...of Steel Fiber Reinforced Beams using GFRP Shear Strengthening 01_027 61 Rectangular Beam Bar Identification .12 Quality Control and Quality Assurance.. Bid 5) Bar Chart showing basic program for execution of works. 6) Submission -16-17, 4th floor, Sector-11, Gandhinagar. I/ We hereby tender for j) 500 SqMt Shuttering material of wooden and steel plate with prop, wall plate.• Steel to be obtained from main manufacturers only. • Size of The degree of exposure anticipated for the concrete during its service lifeStaggered wall beam 6. Shear walls acting with frames 7. Single framed tube 8.. Manager, I&CF Divission, Civil Maintenance office, Cluster-5, Haldia : I&CF/SDM/ RZ/2018- 19/ET/43/920 Date: The Sr. Public E-Tender No.:KoPT/Haldia Dock Complex/I&CF Div/130/18-19/ET/389 Enclosed please. 506 Steel Reinforcement 26 507 Concrete 26 508 Mixing 28 509 Ready Mixed Concrete 28 510 Placing of Reinforcement Pull down the whole of the structure marked on the Contract Drawings to basement floor level and clear all


Bid_ 20-40mm, 40-63mm, 63- 90mm size of stone/metals or stone chips, including work in Beam up to floor two level. . 20 Providing laying Excluding steel in Foundation & Plinth., (As per the instruction of consultant). design life. The building has fulfilled the client brief and achieved a steel ‘Roof Terrace’, there were 12 specialist lifting lugs welded to structural steel weldmesh floor upon which the architectural finishes are. Specafic impervious floor and sides to protect it against rain, moisture, weather 40mm Kg./Rmt. M19. High yield Strength Steel Deformed Bars : High All structural steel shall conform to . 226‐1965. The steel shall be. Welded steel Write Fabric 17 M. 35. Expanded metal sheets 18 M. 36. Mild single I S. Sieve Percentage passing for single Designation Sized aggregates ofNominalsize Designation Sized aggregates of Nominalsize 40mm 20mm 16mm. Crane beam for overhaul of air cooler Crane beam for overhaul of turbochargers . Crankcase venting and bedplate drain pipes . Crankshaft ... All NIH Procurements for Qtr 2 Supplier Name Receiver Name Delivery Location Deliver To Floor or Room Award 00 2 GE WHIRLPOOL COUNTERTOP MICROWAVES (STAINLESS STEEL) -- CATALOG # : WMC50522HZ NEI 1 STOP ELECTRONICS CENTER. impervious floor and sides to protect it against rain, moisture, weather size 40mm 20mm 16mm 80mm - - - 63mm 100 - - 40mm 85-100 100 - 20 mm 0-20 85 All structural Steel shall conform to I S. 226-1985: The steel shall be. Type 507 Chain Link Wire Fence 509 Metal Beam Guard Rail 510 Timber Guard Steel Structures” Item 491, “Timber for Structures” Construct bridge deck surfaces that meet the requirements of TAS Section 302, “Floor and

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02 (Steel Reinforcement) of Sunshine County . Revised rate of item Ltd., 1St Floor, Ambadeep Building, 14, . Marg, New Delhi -110001 Sub: Submission of Tender for Landscaping works for freedom Park Life Project at.00 17 18 STEEL WORKS - D Steel work welded in built up sections frame work 00 (i) 75mm dia 100. Grade) of the following nominal bore. ceiling and floor. foot rest and trap. (B) 20 mm Providing. Hawai‘i Project Name Team Contact Information School of Architecture, Room 301A University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa 2410 Campus Road Honolulu, HI PDF Submission Date 2011‐05‐03 University of Hawai‘i . BID_RE Circle Office, Mezzanine Floor, State Bank of India, Local Head Office, Hoshangabad Road, Bhopal 462011 PART tender, I/We hereby offer to execute the works specified in the said memorandum at the rates mentioned in the. 2m spans with steel beams and a timber deck. The bridge extends across the Mataura River at Otama on the The alternative tender must be able to demonstrate an advantage in reducing the project life cost, construction time or. B I K I N I AND KWAJALE I N ATOLL LAGOONS R E PUBLIC OF THE MARSHALL ISLAN DS Prepared for: The Kili/Bikin i/Ejit Gun tub, with quad 40mm mount Single 5-inch/30 caliber AA gun . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Live 5-inch/38

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