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Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

DIVISION OVERVIEW 4 2015 BRIDGES AND TUNNELS ANNUAL CONDITION REPORT As an integral part of New York City's Department of Transportation, the Division of Bridges has a two-fold mission: to maintain an optimal transportation. steel (walkway grating and catenary system) Rubber (ballast mats under tracks for noise reduction) Lean concrete (longitudinal troughs fill) Crushed granite (track ballast) Wood (original longitudinal sleepers, cross ties, fence 위키피디아 영어판. 37 Bridge Walkway-Stiffening Truss Railing Design and Construction 44 Bridge Walkway Camber 85 Truss Bridge Walkway, Platform, and Stairs . 2014 NYC DOT Bridges & Tunnels Annual Condition Report NEW YORK CITY DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION DIVISION OF BRIDGES 2014 BRIDGES AND TUNNELS ANNUAL CONDITION REPORT Brooklyn Bridge Walkway and Bicycle Path in June 2014. (Credit. (Credit: Thomas Whitehouse) Loading Solid Chemical for Spot Applications on the Williamsburg Bridge Walkway/Bicycle Path. (Credit: Paul Schwartz) Marine Borer Remediation In October 1999, the Department began a study to assess. primary metal industries, textiles, lumber, paper, and wood products. While the Inventory includes sites from all A gabled roof is topped by two metal air intake receptacles standing another five feet high. The mill is no. NYULMC Design Guidelines Real Estate Development + Facilities 1 2016 TABLE OF CONTENTS LETTER FROM THE VICE DEAN AND SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT

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