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Various types of steel gratings are placed on the ground.

Average Prices by ITEM# Fiscal Year 2014-15 Fiscal Year 2015-16 Fiscal Year 2016-17 3YR COUNT-ITEM 3YR AVERAGE UNIT PRICE ITEM NO. Count of ITEM NO. Average of UNIT PRICE Count of ITEM NO. Average of UNIT PRICE Count of ITEM NO.. platform grating which fell 20' to the pipe deck. 1981 DS DR 1 LG FA A Rigging up a power stand for use when Put out with hand held co2 extinguisher. Apparently the impeller shed a blade causing the fan to disintegrate. The.yyUl J yyjll ^'ft\ ->j ib_ VI : CL,-. fj ^^Ul li» J c ^ ^ jU-i •*>i ' jlv? ^j j>^i J jyUi jt^ji j^iUi_, t uur ™*V CL/i* _ April. -;! j) ^jMJLI ^1 . jLij Jl}\o April-fools' day. v i^=Jl' r °j;_: — J"/ Wash-basin.. iPago 104, paragraph 5, l ino 9: change to raa'cL ono man was m o r t a l l y woundod. &? GERMAN SUBMARINE ACTIVITIES ON THE ATLANTIC COAST OF THE UNITEP STATES AND CANAJ3A Publication No. 1, Historical Section, Navy Department. Design Crite w DALLAS AREA RAPID TRANSIT LIGHT RAIL PROJECT DESIGN CRITERIA MANUAL VOLUME 1 FACILITIES DESIGN (BASELINED VERSION) ACTBH Prepared By: ACT 21 Carter & Burgess, Inc. Jacobs Civil Inc. STV, Incorporated KAI/Alliance, LLC January.A Co-ordinate will locate all Equipment such as Vessels, Tanks, Exchangers, Pumps, Pipe Racks and BuildingsCL E. I N F-- O 18. DOC. PAGE 17 OF 109 REV. O Drawing Title Panel (KOC) All KOC drawing shall.Loads Grating and Floor Plate Design and Selection Page 300-3 300-6 300-29 ChevronTexaco Energy Technology Co. See Figure 300-2 for an illustration of intermediate crossbeams. Fig. stanchion spacing between 20 to 30 feet is

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1981 DP DD 1 CR FA I Assisted by a co-worker the derrickman was pulling on the chain of a chain block attempting Walkway grating inboard of the riser was also damaged. 1981 DP PR 0 FI I Minor explosion in switchgear room. Operating Co. Inc. N Gulf of Mexico New Orleans Main Pass Area 17 281 G10910 307 50 A Fixed Leg Platform The the CO2 bottles. A muster occurred due to the alarm. Mechanics quickly discovered the cause of the alarm which was a. Introduction ACCIDENTS ON FIXED OFFSHORE UNITS ON THE UK CONTINENTAL SHELF 1991-1999 In 2000 an R&D project was defined by the UK Health & Safety Executive-Offshore Safety Division where the main objective was to obtain complete.Beams-Stanchion (3) page 22 Cross (4) page 16 Cold rolled sleeved (2) page 22 Rubber window gasket (4) page 22 19 Railing double curve (95) page 19 Grating penetration (92) page 20 Stringer cut (1023) page 20 Macros Portal.For typical grating and hand railing details, refer to drawings listed in Appendix. All pipe supports structural members shall be as per details shown on drawings given in Appendix. PAllFTlOOl010 WorleyParsons - Arab~an lndustr.(GB) (CL) AXIAL STEERING INDICATOR HELM INDICATOR TRUE BEARING NITROGEN PORT SIDE (PS) (ON) PORT SIDE CONTAINER LARD RACK / CARD'COMPARTMENT DEGREASING TANK SHOWER-TUB CLEANING BASIN PRE-WASHING CONTAINER TREATMENT TANK SOAKING

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